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New Patients

Why choose Browne Orthodontics?

Michelle’s personal promise to you: “Visiting the orthodontist isn’t scary or nerve wracking. I will do my best to provide superior customer service and clinical care. I will look after you or your child from the first visit to the last and make sure we work together to get the best possible result.”


With two well-positioned practices every patient has a choice as to where they receive specialist orthodontic treatment. The two West Cork practices are based in the bustling towns of Bandon and Clonakilty. These practices are modern and fully equipped with the latest technology and are located on the main streets with ample parking nearby for convenient accessibility.

Our trained and dedicated clinical and administrative staff support our ethos in all practices. The patient is quite literally put first. Our patients are seen on time on an appointment basis and reminders are sent before each visit for their convenience, to help in their busy lives.

We offer up-front payment plans, family discounts and incremental payment schemes, we support any health insurance discounts and of course the Med 2 20% discount for all patients/parent/relative paying tax in this country.

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Your first visit

For any advice or treatment an assessment is the first step. If you are concerned about appearance of the braces, discomfort or costs, do mention it as these can be taken into account when planning your orthodontic treatment.

If you would like to visit the practice to find out how we can help you and why we pride ourselves in our customer service we can offer a consultation appointment with the orthodontist. She will show you round our attractive practice and can discuss the possible options for your treatment along with pictures of past clients.

A full assessment (children or adults) includes a discussion of the problem, a full orthodontic examination, photographs, x-rays and impressions for study models to enable a full treatment plan to be drawn up. Occasionally a second visit is needed to discuss your treatment plan, but at your first visit we can at least outline the potential treatment, including costs.

A short assessment for children includes a discussion of the problem, brief examination of your face, teeth and mouth, and an outline of the probable treatment including costs. We also measure the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) to assess the severity of the problem. This assessment is aimed at children with a mixture of adult and milk teeth who may not be ready for comprehensive assessment and treatment, and parents investigating the options of private versus HSE treatment (we are unable to offer HSE treatment but can give an opinion on whether your child’s problem is severe enough for HSE treatment).

After a full or short assessment we will confirm what we have discussed with you in writing, including an estimate for treatment if appropriate, and also write to your dentist so they are fully informed about your potential treatment.

What to expect on your subsequent visits

You can expect to have routine appointments for several months or a few years after the initial visit, as you will need to get the braces tightened frequently. In some cases, the wires will need to be changed. The progress of your teeth will also be checked during these visits, as this will ensure that the treatment is working. The frequency and time length of your routine visits will vary, but you can typically expect to visit us at least every few months, for about 10 to 20 MINUTES each time.


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