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Currently our oldest patient is 70 years of age

In recent years orthodontic treatment of adults has become more common. Almost one in every three new patients through our door is an adult patient and it’s lovely to see people reinvesting in themselves! So what are the reasons for this trend?

  1. An increased availability of dentistry and orthodontics to all segments of the population has improved public awareness. Age should not deter anyone from having a beautiful smile and a correctly functioning bite – gone are the days when your dentist would say you are too old for braces! Many adults make their own orthodontic enquiries and appointments directly.
  2. In some cases where adults experience dental problems the comprehensive and conservative solution usually involves a combination of general dentistry and orthodontics.
  3. The increased financial independence of adults enables them to receive orthodontic treatment which may not have been available to them as children.
  4. Technological advances in orthodontics have made braces more acceptable to adults because they are less obtrusive, easier to wear and treatment time is considerably shorter.
  5. Improvements in dental health mean that more adults are keeping their teeth for life. If you are going to keep your teeth for the rest of your life, why not make them look good?

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