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Orthodontics – Types of braces

Metal Brackets with Colours

Stainless steel metal brackets are easily recognised and are widely used in the treatment of patients in all age groups. Their robustness makes them suitable for most courses of treatment. The designers have been making them smaller and decreasing the profile of these metal brackets. They include higher treatment efficiency, decreased friction, decreased appliance breakage (due to increased bond strength) and superior fit or seating. These metal brackets can be customised with colour ligatures of  them more aesthetically pleasing.

Gold Brackets

Others might be more attracted by the aesthetic appeal of the gold appliance systems which can be complemented with gold wires. These provide the patient with an alternative to the traditional stainless steel look.

Ceramic Brackets

Attractive, translucent or tooth coloured, aesthetic fixed brackets appeal to patients in view of their less obtrusive appearance. These are made from a ceramic material and differ from plastic (polycarbonate) brackets in terms of their superior durability, colour stability, strength and overall performance throughout the treatment. Not all tooth coloured brackets are ceramic. Fixed braces can be made totally white by utilising ceramic brackets, white or tooth coloured arch wires and non-staining ligature wires, and this means that your appliance is virtually invisible.

Self Ligating Brackets

These are fixed braces which function without ligatures and modules. These braces are designed to help the teeth move more efficiently and may result in fewer adjustment visits. The absence of modules and ligatures eliminates the hassle of staining.

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These braces are great for people whose orthodontic problems aren’t that complicated. These braces are almost entirely invisible (hence the name) and they aren’t easily noticed. They are employed for the gradual and effective movement of the teeth from where they are now to where is the healthiest. These also offer the wearer superior oral hygiene because it’s easy to remove them for brushing and flossing or while you eat.

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Lingual Braces (Incognito)

The word lingual originates from the Latin for tongue. Lingual braces are used to correct misaligned teeth and bite problems, using a fixed brace that has been bonded to the tongue side of the teeth. This enables the teeth to be moved without the braces being in view! A lot of actors and media personalities choose to undergo treatment with these braces because they are practically invisible. However, a lot of ordinary people are interested in this option also and they are readily available though a little more costly, sometimes you can mix and match with incognito on the top and ceramic on the bottom and this will keep the price down.

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